Tankless Water Heater

Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)

Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)
Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)

Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)    Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)
Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713). The description of this item has been automatically translated. The efficient electronically controlled instantaneous water heater Tronic Advanced from Bosch offers a hot water supply exactly according to your needs thanks to its power switching. The device can also reheat water that has already been preheated and is therefore suitable for use with a solar system or a heat pump.

A convenient LED display provides information about the optimum operating status. Its stepless temperature setting in the range from 30°C to 60°C also makes operation easier. Instantaneous water heater, electronically controlled, for high demands on efficiency and comfort. Oversink unit, closed (flameproof), with "2-in-1" power switch, 24/27, 400 V. CLICKFIX plus assembly technology for easy, quick assembly.

Saves up to 30% energy and water in shower applications compared to hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heaters. Stepless temperature setting from 30 °C to 60 °C.

LED status display: green for optimal operation, flashing green when the power limit is reached. A solar system, preheated water can be reheated. Protection against contact/moisture IP-25: protection against water jets also ensures easy installation in the commercial sector. Tested safety: Proof of device safety by an independent VDE testing institute. Suitable for solar: Systematic sun: The electronic instantaneous water heaters are ideal for post-heating water from solar systems - to the degree up to 60 °C. Users of solar systems are therefore independent of the position of the sun, wind and weather. Effortless installation of the rear panel: rear panel and radiator are separate. This makes wall mounting particularly quick and easy: the rear panel is tightened with just one central fastening screw.

Adjusting screws ensure the correct fit. The heating block is then inserted. Scope for the cold water connection: The flexible cold water inlet hose and the moveable hot water outlet also make the water connection very easy for you. The electrical connection is wired either at the top via the cable entry grommet or at the bottom via the clamp set. Put the hood on and you're done: simply put on the device hood and screw it on from the front.

Water heating energy efficiency class: A. Energy efficiency class spectrum: A+? Degree of protection (EN 60529): IP25. Hot water output 12 °C to 38 °C l/min: 13/14.6.

Switch-on water volume l/min: 2. Cut-in flow pressure (without DMB) bar: 0.25. Dimensions (H × W × D) mm: 472 × 236 × 99. Net weight kg: 3.29. Depending on the power value, devices with a connection value of 230V are supplied with a Schuko plug or a permanent connection (without a plug).

In the case of a permanent connection, a specialist company must be commissioned with the installation. Devices with a connection value of 400V require a high-voltage connection and may only be connected by an electrician. For devices with a rated power of more than 12KW you need the approval of your network operator. For the installation, please contact the network operator or an installation company entered in the network operator's installer directory.

This installer will also assist you in obtaining the necessary network operator approval. We guarantee this device according to the following conditions: 1. Conditions of the guarantee We remedy free of charge in accordance with the following conditions No. 2 - 6 defects on device that is based on a material and/or manufacturing defect if they are sent to us immediately upon discovery and within 24 months from the date of Billing to be reported to the first customer. A guarantee obligation is not triggered by minor deviations from the target Quality that is irrelevant to the value and usability of the device, or by damage from chemical and electrochemical effects of water, as well as generally from abnormal environmental conditions or inappropriate operating conditions or if the device has otherwise come into contact with unsuitable substances.

Likewise can no guarantee can be assumed if the defects in the device are due to transport damage are not our responsibility, improper installation and assembly, misuse, non-household use, lack of care or non-observance of operating or assembly instructions. The guarantee expires if repairs or interventions are made by persons are not authorized to do so by us, or if our devices are replaced with spare parts, supplementary or accessory parts that are not original parts and as a result a defect is caused. Equipment that can be reasonably transported e. Repairs on site can only be carried out for stationary operated (fixed) devices are required.

Replaced parts become our property. Voltage, frequency, gas types, etc. For the destination country and which are suitable for the respective environmental conditions apply the guarantee conditions of the destination country, insofar as we have an after-sales service network in that country to have.

You can request this from the national representation of the destination country. Further Claims Further or other claims, in particular those for replacement outside of the device Damages incurred are - insofar as liability is not mandatory by law - locked out. Please note our further customer service offer: Even after the guarantee has expired Our factory customer service and our service partners are at your disposal.

This installer will also assist you in obtaining the necessary network. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Heating, Cooling & Air\Heaters & Radiators\Water Heaters\Standard Water Heaters". The seller is "digichefgmx" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.

  1. Brand: Bosch
  2. Temperature Range: 12-38
  3. Features: Automatic Switch-off, Electric
  4. Voltage: 400V
  5. MPN: 7736506190
  6. Type: Water instantaneous water heater
  7. EAN: 4057749719805
  8. Performance: 3001-3500W
  9. Model: TR6000R 24/27
  10. Package: No
  11. Unit Quantity: 1
  12. Amperage: 24/27A
  13. Heating System: Right Away (tankless)
  14. Height: 472mm
  15. Colour: White
  16. Energy Efficiency Rating: A
  17. Version: Medium
  18. Year Of Manufacture: 2020
  19. Place Of Installation: Only for Interiors, Wall
  20. Power Source: Network Operation
  21. Container lining material: Glass Fiber
  22. EEK Spektrum: A + - F
  23. Width: 236mm

Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)    Bosch Durchlauferhitzter Tr6000r 24/27 Esob (7736504713)