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18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower

18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower

18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower    18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower
18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower. Note: cannot be installed in the shower room! Liquefied gas instant water heater uses liquefied gas as the main energy material. Its advantages are immediate, no need to wait, and a small footprint, which can save a lot of space. No matter where you are, you can get instant, continuous hot water!

Precautionary measures, must read before placing order??? For your safety, please read the following information carefully before using our products:? Each model of gas water heater is only suitable for one type of gas. Our tankless water heaters use LPG.

Please read the instructions carefully before using the gas water heater, and use and maintain the water heater in strict accordance with the instructions. Please have it installed by professionals during installation. During the installation process, ensure that the gas pipeline and flue are firmly connected, ensure that the gas v alve is closed, and take measures to prevent gas leakage. After the installation is completed, strict air tightness testing is required to ensure that gas does not leak.

During the use of gas water heaters, attention should be paid to the maintenance of gas water heaters, and scale, dust and other debris in gas water heaters should be cleaned regularly to ensure the normal service life of gas water heaters. Gas water heaters require a certain gas pressure to work properly. During the installation process, the pressure controller needs to be installed and debugged to ensure that the gas pressure is not too high or too low, so as not to affect the normal operation of the gas water heater. Gas water heaters require a certain amount of water pressure to work properly.

If the water pressure is too small, the machine cannot work (0.025-0.08mpa)? It must be used under ventilation conditions to ensure the normal operation of the flue kit. And items that are easily flammable or explosive must not be placed around the installation, nor can items that are easily corroded be placed. If the ventilation effect in the space is poor, or if there is no exhaust system installed, it is not recommended to install a gas water heater.

Please check the gas connection regularly to ensure there is no risk of leakage. The pipelines of gas water heaters should be inspected regularly.

If there are signs of aging and cracking, new pipelines should be replaced in time to prevent accidents. Generally, gas water heaters are installed in the kitchen and are not allowed to be installed in basements, living rooms, bedrooms, cabinets, etc. If users want to install them on the balcony or bathroom, they must ensure that the space has good ventilation. There is generally no open flame under the gas water heater, and the horizontal distance between the gas water heater and the stove should be maintained at more than one meter so that the gas water heater will not be damaged.

In addition, electrical equipment, gas pipelines, open pipes, etc. Should not be installed above the gas water heater, because the temperature when the gas water heater is running is generally very high, which can easily damage these equipment.

The height needs to be paid attention to, it cannot be too high or too low. Because if it is installed too high, the water pressure will decrease and it will be difficult to fill the water. However, if it is installed too low and the water pressure is too high, it will cause damage to the water heater. Generally speaking, the distance from the ground needs to be about 1.2-1.4 meters, and the water pipe needs to be about 1.8 meters from the ground. When using gas water heaters, care should be taken to prevent burns, and children and the elderly should be kept away from the gas water heater to avoid accidents.

When using a gas water heater, avoid using hot water for a long time. This will not only waste energy, but also easily lead to aging and damage of the gas water heater. It is recommended to control the use time when using the water heater.

Gas water heaters are ideal for home use. Take a hot shower or bathe your dog.

It is ideal for off-grid or other areas where power is not readily available. In terms of safety, the gas water heater realizes heat and heat separation, bathing in the bathroom and installing it in the kitchen, avoiding the risk of leakage during the bathing process. Modern and fashionable line design, thin appearance and majestic appearance. High efficiency and energy saving. Most of the heat exchangers and main burners adopt advanced energy-saving combustion technology to reduce gas consumption and combustion noise.

The water control linkage v alve enables the water heater to start under low water pressure and stably discharge water under high pressure, meeting the requirements for use in water-scarce areas and high stairs. Manifold automatic protection, long flame detection. Automatically shuts off the gas power supply in case of accidental flameout to ensure your safety. Both cold and warm water can be controlled appropriately. Over-water pressure protection function and anti-freeze protection function.

Automatically reduce pressure when water pressure is too high. The anti-freeze device can drain the stored water to avoid freezing and damaging the machine itself in cold areas or when it is not used for a long time.

Model: 18L, 16L, 12L, 10L, 8L liquefied gas Water heater type: instantaneous Thermal output power: 36 KW, 32KW, 24KW, 20KW, 16KW Gas pressure (L N G): 2800 Pa Hot water output: 18 L/min (4.8 GPM), 16 L/min, 12 L/min, 10 L/min, 8 L/min Gas type used: Liquefied gas Rubber air hose (outer diameter): 20 mm (0.79 in) Water inlet: G1/2'' Water outlet: G1/2'' Applicable water pressure: minimum: 0.025 MPa maximum: 0.8 MPa Certification: CE, ROHS Starting pressure: 0.015 MPa Thermal efficiency:? 70% Exhaust pipe output diameter: 11 cm Exhaust method: open forced flue exhaust type Emission method: automatic emission of s moke Fire extinguishing method: Electric pulse automatic fire extinguishing Ignition: Powered by 2 "D" size batteries (batteries not included) Packing size.

10L18L: 593515cm; 8L: 523214.5cm. 1 Gas water heater body 1 Shower Kit 1 English user manual. We believe our items are so outstanding. All products are quality checked. We will be happy to resolve any issues you may have in a cordial and friendly manner.

Your better comments will be an encouragement for us to offer the better quality and the better service in future. We shall try our best to solve your problem to your satisfaction.

18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower    18L Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater LPG Instant Boiler Outdoor Camping Shower